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An abnormal current in a power system causes Electrical Faults; it has the potential to cause extensive damage not just to the home appliances but also can lead to a fire hazard as well. So fault diagnosing is very important for your Home Safety. Our team provides end-to-end diagnosis for any type of Electrical Faults, Surges or Malfunctions in your Electrical System and provides a perfect solution.


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“We’re really happy with Pancotech. We always had a lot of electrical repairs after the floods happened. The team spoke to us and guided us on the importance of using the right electrical products to ensure quality. After that, we had only minimal repair work.”

Paul Kurian

We were facing a lot of electrical issues at our home. The fuse were getting burned up most of the nights due to electrical overload. PANCO Tech has helped us a lot to overcome these issues, even at late nights.

Meenu Anandha Krishna

Very good service is offered by the team. Well behaved staffs. Highly recommended for Electrical services They are experts in what they do. They gave me the best service with perfect advice.

Sibu K S